Below are links to your grading syllabus. Click on the colour belt you are at the moment to find out what you need to learn to advance to the next level.


The different belts show what level or Grade that you have achieved in Tae Kwon-Do. Each belt colour has two levels, one plain and one striped. The stripe shows that you are between two belt colours, working towards the colour of the stripe. These levels are also called Kups, with a white belt being a 10th Kup and a black stripe being a 1st Kup. Once you attain black belt status, these become Dans, starting with 1st Dan and working up.




Gradings are generally held 2-3 times a year. The minimum training period between gradings (up to Blue belt 4th Kup) is 3 months, from this point the minimum increases to 6 months. Also from this level you will need to ask your instructors permission to grade.





Your licence is your membership to the UKTKD and means that you are insured as a member of this organisation. It is also an official record of your gradings, with each being recorded in the back of your licence (licences must be handed in pre-grading)


Training Suit (Dobok)

You will also need your official UKTKD white club suit (Dobok), which can be ordered (via your instructor) from the association.


Grading fees

You will also need to supply a completed grading application, along with the relevant fees.

Download your grading form here.

1st Dan

Member of the United Kingdom Tae Kwon-Do Association